Monday, June 21, 2010

Tulie: That's French for F@#King Anger Wafers

YOU want a blog update?

I wanted to impress someone and now my kitchen floor is covered in a thousand sugary shards of frustration and impotence. My fingers and palms are burnt and blistering. I'm dirty but also too tired to shower so it looks like I'm going to stay that way.

The worst part is that I've made tuiles many times with roaring success. Roaring! They were my sophisticated standby and now I have nothing. NOTHING! Not even an alcoholic flatmate to scream at.

Now I'm going to watch clips from Withnail and I (instead of going to bed) and panic about the direction my life is heading.


  1. I'll cheer you up, Rachel. I was filling out my medical form and didn't know what 'impotent' meant. Now you can feel better knowing you didn't have to listen to your mother explain it to you.

  2. I'm sorry your tuiles didn't turn out, but I don't think you need to bring people sophisticated foods to impress them! You're impressive by yourself!

  3. I personally think that men don't pay attention to you unless you have sophisticated food. Isn't it funny that in-love Rachel is the same as enraged Rachel?

  4. ah! Libbie you are being such a non-pillow right now!

  5. Kaitlin: I always derive confidence from other's misfortunes. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story.

    Molly: Thanks. Since we're sharing embarrassing things we've asked our mother: remember when you demanded mom and/or grandma explain what "getting laid" meant? Good times! (For Carolyn and me)

    Libbie: It's hardly funny. I approach all aspects of my life with a furious passion unparalleled by the emotionally stable. Also, I can't differentiate between anger and love. It's one of my adorable quirks!