Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morally Invincible: What it's like to have a Canadian Friend

I know this might come as a shock, but I sometimes suffer from self-doubt. It's true. Sometimes, I get to worrying that I'm too racist, or too hateful, or not law-abiding enough, et cetera and I get really down on myself.
But then I remember one special thing that reminds me I'm basically more tolerant that anyone else in the world:

I have a Canadian friend.

Yes, that's right- Canadian. And I'm still charitable enough to spend time with her. Lord knows, it's not easy. There are days when I question whether it's even worth it. Days when the her meekness, her bumbling incompetence, and her damn wimpy scarves seem like they're too much to bare. But then I remember Steve Nash and I know I can make it work.
I smile, ignore her accent and gently remind myself that she can never be a natural-born American like me, no matter how hard she tries.
I'm not saying I'm perfect, just morally superior.


  1. You've said everything I've ever felt but have been too afraid to admit because of Molly's viciously protective instincts toward Courtney.

  2. Libbie I hope you don't feel like you ever have to hold back your Canadian hatred on account of me. In fact, I welcome it. I don't think it is healthy to keep that kind of anger inside.

    Rachel I completely understand what you are going through. I sometimes have a hard time remembering that Courtney is a friend. It seems easy to be blinded by the fact that she is CANDAIAN. I mean how dare she? How dare she live their for EIGHT YEARS and then one day decided that she might fancy the USA? What really gets me is that she still goes back to CANADA for VACATION! Does that make sense to you? Well I just don't get it. Sometimes I wonder how I've managed over the years....